Know Your Weather

Learn about the instruments and common weather terminologies used by forecaster in Brunei Darussalam Meterologoical Department.


Meteorological Thermometers are used to measure the temperature of the air. To measure the temperature of the air accurately, it is important that the thermometer is shielded from direct sunlight but is still exposed to a good airflow. Therefore, thermometers are usually put in the stevenson screen at the Meteorological Garden so that to shield from direct heat radiation which could influenced a higher reading of temperature.

There are four (4) types of Mercury-in glass thermometer in a stevenson screen:
1. Maximum Thermometer
2. Minimum Thermometer
3. Wet-bulb Thermometer
4. Dry-bulb Thermometer

Pressure Recording Instruments

Kew Pattern Barometer

Wind Instruments


A fluctuation in an atmospheric element (e.g. air temperature) over the course of a day, obtained by averaging observations over a sufficient length of time to remove all non-periodic variations.

Daily elements, such as temperature, rain and wind that can change hour by hour, or day by day.

An upgrade from Tropical Depression that occurs when cyclonic circulation becomes more organized and maximum sustained winds gust consistently at or above 62 km/h, and no higher than 117 km/h. Tropical storm status is when the naming of the storm takes place.

An area of low pressure, characterized by closed isobars (approximately), accom