01 Oct 2018

Based on the monsoon cycle, Brunei Darussalam is expected to enter into the Inter-Monsoon period by early October. This is the transition period between the Southwest Monsoon and Northeast Monsoon, and will normally last until the end of November.

During this period, the weather over the country will be greatly influenced by the diurnal forcing, where the local wind effects play a significant role in the development of thunderstorms activity. The typical weather pattern during the Inter-Monsoon period is the formation of thunderstorms at the inland region during the afternoon and propagating to the coastal and sea areas during the night. According to our climatological record, the frequency of thunderstorms activity is quite high during the Inter-Monsoon period, as compared to previous Southwest Monsoon (June to September). The rainfall amount for October and November is forecasted to be within the normal range, i.e. 260-390 mm for each month.

We shall continue to monitor the weather conditions and will issue weather advisory or warnings if necessary. We would also like to advise the public to keep updated with the latest weather information by visiting our website at website at or follow our Facebook (@bruneiweather), Instagram (@bruneiweather) and Brunei WX mobile application. The public may contact Duty Meteorological Forecaster at our Forecast Office, through our Weather Line 114.

Wallahualam Bissawab.