30 Sep 2019

Brunei Darussalam has entered the inter-monsoon period which is the transition period between the Southwest Monsoon to the Northeast Monsoon, and will normally last until the end of November.

During this period, the local wind effects with strength slight to moderate, play an important role in governing our daily weather such as development of thunderstorm clouds around the country. Weather is typically hot during the daytime while thunderstorm occurrences are likely at the inland area in the afternoon and propagating out to the coastal and sea areas during late night to early morning. Based on our climatological records, the frequency of thunderstorms occurrences is high during the inter-monsoon period.

Development of cyclonic systems, such as tropical storms and typhoons, over the Northwest Pacific Ocean can still take place during this period. If such system develops and depending on the location of the system in relation to Brunei, the country tends to experience high intensity rain with occasional gusty thunderstorms.

The Brunei Darussalam Meteorological Department would like to advise members of the general public to always be aware of the weather information and weather forecast and also to take necessary precaution during active weather. We will continue to monitor the weather conditions and will issue weather advisory or warnings if necessary. We would also like to advise the public to keep updated with the latest weather information by visiting our website at or follow our Facebook (@bruneiweather), Instagram (@bruneiweather) and Brunei WX mobile application. The public may contact Duty Meteorological Forecaster at our Forecast Office, through our Weather Line 114.

Wallahu a'lam Bissawab.