07 Mar 2020

Brunei Darussalam is still in the second phase of the Northeast Monsoon period which is expected to last until end of March 2020. Based on the climatology of Brunei Darussalam, the month of March has the lowest number of rainy days and amount of recorded rainfall as compared to the other months of the year.

During this period, our country would normally experience hot and dry weather conditions whereby lesser rainfall activities are expected due to stable atmospheric conditions. However, heavy showers or thundershowers can still potentially occur due to temporary low-level atmospheric disturbance. This condition will enhance the development of convective clouds and rainfall.

General forecast for the country until end of this week will be generally cloudy. Though, showers or thundershowers may affect several coastal areas especially in the morning and over the inland areas in the evening. Localised heavy showers will increase the risk of flash flood especially at low-lying and flood prone areas.

The Brunei Darussalam Meteorological Department will continue to monitor the weather conditions and will issue weather advisory or warnings if necessary. We would also like to advise the public to keep updated with the latest weather information by visiting our website at or follow our Facebook (@bruneiweather), Instagram (@bruneiweather) and Brunei WX mobile application. The public may contact Duty Meteorological Forecaster at our Forecast Office, through our Weather Line 114.

Wallahu a'lam Bissawab.