01 Oct 2021

Brunei Darussalam has entered the intermonsoon period which is the transition period after the Southwest Monsoon and before entering the Northeast Monsoon. The intermonsoon period is expected to last until around end of November 2021.

During this period, the local wind effects which are the sea breeze and land breeze play an important role in influencing our country’s daily weather. Our climatological record shows that October, November and December are the months with more frequent thunderstorm activities and receive the highest amount of rainfall and also the highest number of rain days compared to the other months.

Normally, October will receive an average rainfall of 313.6 mm whereas November will receive an average rainfall of 322.9 mm which is the second highest amount of monthly rainfall for our country. The average number of rain days for October and November are 23 days and 24 days, respectively.

Throughout this period, the country normally experiences:
• Fair weather in the morning and isolated coastal showers occur around midday;
• Thunderstorms occur over the inland during the afternoon, spreading and affecting coastal and sea areas at night, and may persist to early morning of the following day;
• Light wind blows from variable directions in the morning and at night, and from Northwest in the afternoon; and
• Wave condition at sea is generally at slight state.

We shall continue to monitor the weather conditions and will issue weather advisories or warnings if necessary. Latest weather information, advisories and warnings can be accessed easily through our mobile app, Brunei WX, as these weather information, advisories and warnings can be received immediately after they are issued. Latest weather information can also be obtained by contacting the duty meteorological forecaster at our Forecast Centre, through our Weather Line 114, by visiting our website at www.met.gov.bn or follow our Facebook @bruneiweather and Instagram @bruneiweather.

Wallahu a’lam Bissawab.