15 Dec 2015

1. General Situation
At 2 pm local time, 14 December 2015, Typhoon MELOR was located at 12.6°N 124.5°E, East of the Philippines, moving west at about 20 km/h with maximum wind speed of around 176 km/h (Figure 1). Typhoon MELOR is expected to continue moving Westwards across the Philippines, as indicated by the typhoon track forecast in Figure 1, issued by Joint Typhoon Warning Centre, Hawaii, USA.

2. Brunei Darussalam Weather Outlook
Based on the latest information, Typhoon MELOR is expected to reduce its intensity as it continues crossing the Philippines on 15th and 16th December. By 17th December, the typhoon is forecasted to downgrade to a low-pressure area as it enters South China Sea areas.

In view of this, Brunei Darussalam may experience unsettled weather conditions between 16th and 19th December 2015, with chance of occasional crossing of squally showers, with wind speed of 50 km/h, especially over the sea areas. The wave height over Brunei Waters may also increase from moderate to rough conditions up to 2.5 m, especially over the offshore.

3. Advisory
We would like to advise the general public, motorists, and mariners to take necessary steps and precautions to ensure safety, especially on the potential of unsettled weather conditions that the country might experience in the coming days.
The department shall continue to monitor on the development and track of Typhoon MELOR closely and will issue appropriate weather advisory or warnings, as and when necessary according to our Standard Operating Procedures. For the latest weather update, the public can contact Duty Meteorological Forecaster at the Brunei Forecast Centre, through Weather Line 114, or visit our website at or follow our Facebook page, bruneiweather and Brunei WX mobile application.

Issued by
Rokiah binti Haji Angas
Acting Director of Meteorology
Brunei Darussalam Meteorological Department
Ministry of Communications
02 Rabiulawal 1437 / 14th December 2015