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Brunei Darussalam Weather Situation:
Brunei Darussalam is in the intermonsoon period.

Unsettled weather condition in our country starts today, 02 October 2021 until 07 October 2021 with windy condition and occasional showers expected to cross our country. Showers can be heavy at times with wind gust reaching up to 45 km/h over land areas and up to 60 km/h at sea.

Wave condition at sea is at moderate state and may reach rough state of up to 2.0 m during heavy and gusty showers.

Our Advice:
Members of the public are advised to take note of the high risk of flash floods especially at low-lying and flood prone areas as well as near the river bank areas during heavy showers. Risk of landslide and falling trees are also expected...

Keadaan Cuaca Brunei Darussalam:
Negara Brunei Darussalam kini dalam tempoh peralihan monsun.

Cuaca negara tidak menentu bermula hari ini, 02 Oktober 2021 sehingga 07 Oktober 2021 dengan keadaan cuaca dijangka berangin dan hujan sekali-sekala melintasi negara. Hujan dijangka lebat sekali-sekala dengan kelajuan angin boleh meningkat sehingga 45 kmsj di kawasan darat dan boleh mencapai 60 kmsj di kawasan laut.

Keadaan laut berombak di paras sederhana dan boleh mencapai paras bergelora 2.0 m semasa hujan lebat dan berangin.

Nasihat Kami:
Orang ramai adalah dinasihatkan untuk mengambil perhatian akan risiko tinggi berlakunya banjir kilat terutamanya di kawasan-kawasan rendah dan mudah banjir serta di kawasan berdekatan tebing sungai...

Brunei Darussalam has entered the intermonsoon period which is the transition period after the Southwest Monsoon and before entering the Northeast Monsoon. The intermonsoon period is expected to last until around end of November 2021.

During this period, the local wind effects which are the sea breeze and land breeze play an important role in influencing our country’s daily weather. Our climatological record shows that October, November and December are the months with more frequent thunderstorm activities and receive the highest amount of rainfall and also the highest number of rain days compared to the other months.

Normally, October will receive an average rainfall of 313.6 mm whereas November will receive an average rainfall of 322.9 mm which is the...

Negara Brunei Darussalam kini telah memasuki tempoh peralihan monsun iaitu tempoh peralihan selepas Monsun Barat Daya dan sebelum memasuki Monsun Timur Laut. Tempoh peralihan monsun ini dijangka akan berakhir pada sekitar hujung November 2021.

Sepanjang tempoh ini, kesan angin tempatan iaitu bayu laut (sea breeze) dan bayu darat (land breeze) memainkan peranan penting dalam mempengaruhi cuaca harian negara kita. Berasaskan data klimatologi, bulan Oktober, November dan Disember adalah bulan-bulan di mana kejadian ribut petir lebih kerap berlaku dan menerima jumlah turunan hujan yang lebih banyak, dan juga lebih banyak hari-hari berhujan jika dibandingkan dengan bulan-bulan yang lain.

Pada lazimnya bulan Oktober menerima jumlah purata turunan hujan sebanyak...

Brunei Darussalam Weather Situation:
Brunei Darussalam is still in the Southwest Monsoon season.

Weather in our country is expected to be active starting 27 September 2021 until 29 September 2021 due to active development of rain clouds over our country resulting in the increase of rainfall amount.

Coastal showers and thundershowers over the inland areas are expected in the afternoon, moving out towards the sea at night. Occasional rainy condition is expected to persist until morning. Rain can be heavy at times with wind gust reaching up to 40 km/h.

Over Brunei waters, sea state is slight and expected to reach 1.0 m during showers.

Our Advice:
Members of the public are advised to take note of the risk of flash...