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Brunei Darussalam has been experiencing slightly hazy condition since earlier this week. Reduction in horizontal visibility ranging between 6-8 km has been reported at Brunei Darussalam Meteorological Observation Station due to the hazy condition. The smoke haze is mainly transboundary in nature, brought by prevailing southwesterly winds towards the country.

Based on the latest Regional Haze Map (updated 15 August 2018, as above) by the ASEAN Specialised Meteorological Centre (ASMC), hotspot clusters are observed mainly over the western parts of Borneo Island.

We are currently still in the Southwest Monsoon season, where prevailing wind is still expected to blow from the southwest. Generally dry with minimal rainfall activity is expected to persist in the...

Brunei Darussalam is currently at the peak of Southwest Monsoon season, where the general wind
pattern over the country is blowing from the southwest. Atmospheric conditions tend to be quite stable
with less tendency for rain occurrences. This situation may results in an increased in air temperature,
exceeding 34 degree Celsius, as what we have been experiencing the past few days. The country also
tends to experience hazy conditions due to the generally dry weather across the Southeast Asian
region. Southwest Monsoon typically last up until September.

The Southwest Monsoon also coincides with the season of active development of cyclonic systems,
such as tropical storms and typhoons, over the northwest Pacific Ocean and South China...

1. Keadaan Cuaca Semasa

Pada 9 Julai 2018 (8 pagi waktu tempatan), Taufan MARIA berada di lokasi 21.8 °N 133.6 °E, di Barat Lautan Pasifik,
bergerak menuju Barat Laut dengan kelajuan sekitar 30 kmsj berserta angin kencang selaju sekitar 195 kmsj
berdekatan pusat Taufan (Rajah 1). Seperti dalam Rajah 2, Taufan ini dijangka akan terus bergerak ke arah Barat
Laut menuju ke Negeri Taiwan, iaitu semakin menjauhi rantau kita.

2. Jangkaan Keadaan Cuaca Negara Brunei Darussalam

Sistem Taufan ini dijangka tidak akan mempengaruhi keadaan cuaca Negara Brunei Darussalam secara langsung.
Namun, terdapat satu sistem tekanan rendah di kawasan Laut Cina Selatan iaitu berdekatan dengan Negara kita.
Sehubungan itu, kita...

1. General Situation

On 9th July 2018 (at 8 am local time), Typhoon MARIA was located at 21.8 °N 133.6 °E, in the Western of Pacific Ocean,
moving Northwest-wards at about 30 km/h with maximum wind speed of about 195 km/h near its centre (Figure 1).
Typhoon MARIA is expected to continue moving Northwest-wards towards Taiwan, that is further away from our

2. Brunei Darussalam Weather Outlook

The Typhoon system is not expected to directly influence the weather conditions in Brunei Darussalam. Nonetheless,
a low pressure system is identified around South China Sea nearby our country. Hence, we will be experiencing
slightly windy condition with occasionally heavy showers, with gusting winds of...

Based on the monsoon cycle, Brunei Darussalam will enter the Southwest Monsoon from June to
September. Climatology, the activity and amount of rainfall during this period are slightly less than that of
the last inter monsoon season. Normally, starting in late June, the atmospheric conditions in the
Southeast Asia region, including our country are relatively stable and thus contributes to dry and hazy
weather conditions.

Nevertheless, by August to September, occasional crossing of squally showers are the typical weather
phenomenon affecting our country. This is attributed to the indirect impacts of active squalls or typhoons
across the Northwest Pacific Ocean and South China Sea.
In terms of weather impacts that may occur...